Regatta Sponsorship & Results

Posted 6th August 2017 by Trevor McCaig #racing

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We would take this opportunity to thank abbey dental clinic for their sponsorship of our highly successful regatta on Saturday 5th August.This sponsorship along with the support given by Mid and East Antrim Borough Council is greatly appreciated and assists us greatly with the costs associated with providing safety cover and prizes for the event.The main regatta race results were as follows;-

  1. Giggle                        Sail 8676T        RUYC
  2. Nirvana of Rhu        Sail 1866            CSC            Sam Penny
  3. SB20                          Sail 340                                   Pollard
  4. Kaju 11                        Sail GBR 3448    CSC            Geoff Duggan
  5. Blue Moon                Sail 5281            CIBC/CSC    H Holmes
  6. Wigwam                    Sail 183                CSC            Fred Bell
  7. Fairy                            Sail    1
  8. Topper 5.3                   Sail 46189        CAYC            D Corbit
  9. Topper 4.2                Sail 36762            CAYC            Z Whitford
  10. RS400                        Sail 1406                                   Dooley

    Sigma    Mungo Jerrig    Sail 3260        RNIYC

    Ruffian 23    Hot Orange    sail IR346    CSC                 Stephen Penny

    Hawk        Tamarine        Sail 52                BLS

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