Boat Details

Boat Type Boat Model Boat Name Owner Club Sail Number
Dinghy Access 303 Freedom Belfast Lough Sailability BLS 1562
Dinghy Access 303 Freemew Belfast Lough Sailability BLS 1232
Dinghy Access 303 Free Will Belfast Lough Sailability BLS 1570
Dinghy Access 303 Free Spirit Belfast Lough Sailability BLS 1699
Dinghy Access 303 Pinky Belfast Lough Sailability BLS 1878
Dinghy Access 303 Purply Belfast Lough Sailability BLS 1879
Dinghy Crabber Puffin G Wilson BLS 215
Dinghy Hawk 20 Alexandra Belfast Lough Sailability BLS 165
Dinghy Heron Penny Too S Burnside CSC 10308
Dinghy Laser Alan McClernon CSC
Dinghy Laser Scooby A Harpur CSC 95387
Dinghy Laser K Douglas CSC 165501
Dinghy Laser Gillian McAdam CSC 137498
Dinghy Laser Richard McCaig CSC 180239
Dinghy Laser Chris Penney CSC 201566
Dinghy Laser Jackson Smyth CSC 196542
Dinghy Laser Stephen Donnelly CSC 193535
Dinghy Laser Naimh Dean CSC 191247
Dinghy Laser C Brown CSC 183531
Dinghy Laser S Reid CSC 140997
Dinghy Laser Neil Calvin CSC 158255
Dinghy Laser Kyle Mercer CSC 53305
Dinghy Laser Frank MacFarlane CSC 80819
Dinghy Laser CSC CSC 31710
Dinghy Laser Bahai Richmond CSC CSC 984
Dinghy Laser Bahai Calvin CSC CSC 983
Dinghy Laser Bahai McEvoy CSC CSC 985
Dinghy Laser II Must Dash G McMurry CSC 8056
Dinghy Mirror Boo N & A Toland CSC 66771
Dinghy Optimist M Moore CSC IR 84286
Dinghy Optimist Turtle Power CSC CSC IR 493
Dinghy Optimist Lewis Gibney CSC IR 418
Dinghy Optimist CSC CSC IR 489
Dinghy Optimist CSC CSC IR 490
Dinghy RS400 Chris Penney CSC/EABC 1004
Dinghy RS400 Neil Calvin CSC/BYC 840
Dinghy RS400 Trevor D'Arcy & Alan McClernon CSC 825
Dinghy RS400 Fiona & Steve Aktinson CSC 941
Dinghy RS400 Gugliemo Banasik CSC 803
Dinghy Scud 18 Will Power Belfast Lough Sailability BLS GBR 43
Dinghy Topper Awesome CSC CSC 36883
Dinghy Topper T J O'Neill CSC 36161
Dinghy Topper CSC 4 CSC CSC 27934
Dinghy Topper Andrew Bryers CSC 45512
Dinghy Topper CSC 5 CSC CSC 27935
Dinghy Topper CSC 3 CSC CSC 27903
Dinghy Topper T Smyth CSC IRL 40544
Dinghy Topper Ms A O'Neill CSC 42009
Dinghy Topper CSC1 CSC CSC 26239
Dinghy Topper Breaking Waves Katie Nelson CSC 48088
Dinghy Topper Erin McClernon CSC 46424
Dinghy Topper Mathew McClernon CSC 45242
Dinghy Topper T Coyle CSC 44617
Dinghy Topper CSC CSC 43341
Dinghy Topper CSC2 CSC CSC 26697
Dinghy Wayfarer Breeze M Ferguson CSC 7736
Keelboat Pure Six R McClure & R Moore CSC IRL 6666
Keelboat White Mischief II B Mooney CSC K 6310
Keelboat Imagine D O'Neill CSC G 6013
Keelboat Vikingur R Curry CSC 5344
Keelboat Tiri Moana M Kane CSC 7450 C
Keelboat Dragon Lady R Woodward CSC GBR 8224 Y
Keelboat Sea Myth R Cromey, D Rodgers & L McDonald CSC K 8831
Keelboat Shawke J F Massey CSC
Keelboat Rainmaker D Allen CSC/RNIYC/RUYC IRL 11124
Keelboat Grayling M and K Hutchinson CSC GBR 1208 T
Keelboat Blue Moon H & C Holmes CSC GBR 5281
Keelboat Martine G McMurry CSC K 4562 T
Keelboat Moonfleet D Hunter CSC 39
Keelboat Midnight Express A McCallum CSC 732
Keelboat Gannet M Moffett CSC 635
Keelboat Enola N Chemarim CSC 412
Keelboat Ruffun S Burnside CSC IR 402
Keelboat Nimrod Graham Moucka CSC 393
Keelboat Edgeways P Moore CSC E 263
Keelboat Grousebeater D Stewart CSC IR 191
Keelboat Shalom II W Watson CSC 179
Keelboat Papillon P Lock CSC 126
Keelboat Stardust T & R Irwin CSC GBR 113
Keelboat Rose of Sharon W Grant CSC P 63
Keelboat Lady Grey B McGregor CSC H 56
Keelboat Ultravine G Doherty CSC 35
Keelboat Saoirse B & N Sims CSC 33
Keelboat Scarlet P Crossley CSC D 29
Keelboat Wind of Lorne II G Alcorn CSC 16 C
Keelboat Drifter W McConnell CSC 9
Keelboat Taika Mrs H Kerr CSC GBR 1085 L
Keelboat Mactwist J & D Hetherington CSC 1108 C
Keelboat Kaju II G Dougan CAYC/CSC GER 3448
Keelboat White Pearl D Mitchell CSC GBR 2549 L
Keelboat Roamer K & D Simpson CSC 2267 C
Keelboat Imagine of Carrick R & P Totten CSC C 2092
Keelboat Martingale N Thompson CSC 2073 C
Keelboat Nirvana of Rhu S Penney CSC 1866 C
Keelboat Highlander R Seaton CSC 1855
Keelboat Pirate King Mr & Mrs G Allen CSC CS 1680
Keelboat Tia S & D Toland CSC GBR 1617 L
Keelboat Ga Bui K Fitzsimmons CSC IR 1240
Keelboat Star Delta N & A Neely CSC 1213
Keelboat Green Ginger R Hardwood CSC 1593 C
Keelboat Keirah D & L Smyth CSC/RUYC GBR 1401 L
Keelboat Etap 30i Celtic Spirit Dave Goodfield GBR 4553 L
Keelboat Intro 22 Screwball W McAteer CSC GBR 6668
Keelboat J/133 Spirit of Jacana A, B & J Douglas CSC IRL 1335
Keelboat J/24 Bad S Atkinson CSC IRL 4628
Keelboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45 Performance Eclipse II Brian & Lesley Wilson CSC GBR 3976 L
Keelboat Leisure 27 Rhiannon Owen Downie CSC
Keelboat Moody 346 Natasha P & L Donaldson CSC GBR 3675 L
Keelboat Puppeteer 22 Flying Start H McVeigh CSC IR 14
Keelboat Sigma 33 OOD Meka II J Shields CSC GBR 4399
Keelboat Tomahawk 25 Wigwam F Bell CSC T 183
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Daisy Wendy Grant CSC 33
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Coyote Graham and Gayle Zebedee CSC IR 185
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Hot Orange C Noble CSC IR 346
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Bloodhound W Ewing CSC 11
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Ruffined R Logan CAYC/CSC IRL 522
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Overdraught M Hutchinson CSC 544 C
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Carrageen T Kirkpatrick CSC GBR 8511
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Rooksy C Hilditch & J Marks CSC K 6212
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Mischief M & J McCullough, S & L Harve & T McKee CSC K 6210
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Bounder D Macauley CSC 3425 Y
Ruffian Ruffian 23 Riki Tiki Tavi S Toland & A Harpur CSC IR 547
Sportboat Flying Fifteen Hyperion G & G Zebedee CSC 2467
Sportboat Flying Fifteen Fat & Fin J Shields CSC 2661
Sportboat Flying Fifteen Definitely Maybe Rory Moore CSC 2156
Sportboat Flying Fifteen Fors Fortis A Beggs CSC 1844
Sportboat Flying Fifteen Big Broffer T Kirkpatrick CSC 1984
Sportboat Flying Fifteen Freudian Flip G Duggan & C Hunter CSC 2336
Sportboat Flying Fifteen Firkin Fabulous D Johnston CSC 2367
Sportboat RS Elite Eclipse B, L & R Wilson CSC GBR 44
Sportboat SB20 B Irwin & A Baird CSC 3217
Sportboat SB20 Outlaw G Pollard & A McClernon CAYC/CSC 3524
Sportboat Squib Catharsis L McDonald CSC 540
Sportboat Squib Pied Piper Belfast Lough Sailability BLS

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